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We create environments where children can feel safe,
welcomed, and inspired to be their best

Our Services

  • Design, execute and manage Taekwondo Programs for International Schools and Local Thai Schools

  • Organize Taekwondo competitions (Thailand)

  • Provide Taekwondo teacher training and certification

  • Create International Taekwondo experiences (Ex. Student Summer Camps)

  • Creating / Hosting International Taekwondo training camps

  • Hosting birthday parties for young children (Taekwondo Themed)


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What We Do

  • Super 7 Taekwondo provides the best Taekwondo classes and after-school programs for international schools in Thailand.

  • Our Taekwondo classes have proved to be engaging, dynamic and sought-after with young students across the country.

  • Our classes teach young students the art and science of Taekwondo. They also teach students how to be strong, confident, healthy, disciplined, respectful, positive, and kind.


Our Story

In 2012, we started with a team of 2 instructors. We started providing Taekwondo classes for 1x international school in Bangkok, Thailand (2012)

We saw how helpful it was for young students to learn and experience how amazing their bodies were. They grew physically stronger. And they also experienced higher levels of confidence, self-awareness, sense of community and calm.

We knew that we wanted to give this experience to as many students as we could. It became our mission.

Step by step, our business grew. Our team expanded to 15+. The number of schools we taught at increased to 10+ International and 6+ local schools.

As we grew, our expertise and capabilities grew too. We added sports science, psychology and personal development to our teaching methods. Our Taekwondo classes have become more holistic and impactful for our students.

We now operate across three different cities in Thailand (Pathum Thani, Bangkok, Pattaya). We partner with both International Schools and Local Thai schools. Our classes are favored by local and expat parents.

Our current objective is to expand to more international and partner schools in Thailand.

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Super 7 Taekwondo  Ethos

5x Tenets of Taekwondo 

  • Courtesy

  • Self-Control

  • Integrity

  • Perserverance

  • Indomitable Spirit

2x Core Values

  • Love

  • Service


How Our Program Values Supports International Schools

  • Multiculturalism: Students get to experience an important part of South Korean culture.

  • Diversity / Inclusion: Students are taught to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

  • Standing up to bullies: Students learn how to have clear boundaries, develop natural confidence and protect themselves from physical harm.

  • Friendship: Students are taught how to work together and support one another as a ‘team’.

  • Global Community: Through Taekwondo, students become part of a global community of Taekwondo Practitioners. 



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School Partners




Our International School Clients

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"By learning the art and science of Taekwondo, students build a strong foundation to live a healthy, disciplined, confident and successful life"

Nikon Gormley

(Founder & Managing Director)

Super 7 Taekwondo

We Are Certified & Accredited By


(World Taekwondo Headquarters),

Republic of South Korea

Thailand Taekwondo


World Taekwondo,

Republic of South Korea

RSR International

Taekwondo Academy,


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